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Are Pre Sale Building And Pest Inspections Worth It?

blue termite inspection and report

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Should You Get A Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspection When Selling Your Home?

As a home seller, you’ll want to present your property in the best possible light to attract buyers and get the highest sale price. While improving street appeal and minor renovations can increase interest, having a professional building inspection done before listing is equally valuable. A pre purchase building and pest inspection is more common. However, here are some reasons why getting an pre-sale building inspection when selling can be a great idea.

Identify Defects Upfront

A licensed building inspector will thoroughly evaluate your home’s current condition from top to bottom – inside and out. Their detailed report will uncover any structural defects, safety issues, or maintenance needs you may not even be aware of. Knowing the problematic areas ahead of time allows you to make repairs, provide upfront disclosures to buyers, and properly adjust your listing sale price if needed.

Facilitate a Faster Sale

Buyers want assurance that the home they’re purchasing is safe and in good condition. Presenting a comprehensive, recent inspection report signals transparency about the property’s current state. This builds trust and allows the buyer to make an informed decision without last-minute surprises delaying or derailing the sale. A pre-sale building and pest inspection is also known to let bidders at auctions participate more confidently.

Strengthen Your Negotiating Position

If your inspection reveals only minor issues, you have evidence that your home is well-maintained and priced accurately. The report gives you leverage to negotiate a higher selling price or refuse excessive seller’s concessions requests. Any needed repairs can be identified and addressed upfront.

Increase Buyer Confidence

Buyers often have an inspection contingency and will hire their inspector regardless. But providing yours upfront signals good faith and that you’re an ethical seller. This small gesture provides assurance and demonstrates pride of ownership over your home’s condition. Having a recent inspection can also prevent the “pending building inspection report” clause. If finance or other issues come up during the settlement period, having a building inspection report in place takes away the risk of a buyer falling back on a failed inspection to get out of a sale contract.

Whether your home is brand new or decades old, investing in a pre-listing building and pest inspection is well worth the minor cost. Particularly when compared to the potential risks, liabilities, and delays it can prevent. It’s a proactive step that protects you as the seller while expediting a smooth, successful sale.

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