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Do I Need A Building and Pest Inspection?

blue termite inspection and report
Scott climbs ladder onto roof to conduct a building and pest inspection

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Why You Should 100% Commit to a Building & Pest Inspection

We occasionally hear potential clients have decided not to get a building and pest inspection completed and it makes us stop and wonder “Why”? These are typically the responses we are given on follow up:

“I’ve got a friend who is a builder who is going to have a look at the property for us”
“The real estate agent said we didn’t need it done”
“There’s a report already done by the vendor and real estate that says there’s nothing wrong with it”
“I had a look around and couldn’t see anything”
“I don’t want to spend more money getting a building and pest inspection done”

Let’s stop and logically analyse why these reasons need to be questioned:

Firstly “I’ve got a friend who is a builder who is going to have a look at it for us”

Questions we have in response:

  • Will they conduct a thorough investigation (tap around) of the property to find hidden termite or moisture damage?
  • Do they own a Moisture Metre, Thermal Imaging Camera or a Termatrac T3i All Sensor non-invasive termite detection tool they’ll use to investigate areas of concern?
  • Do they use a head lamp to identify otherwise invisible or hard to see moisture stains?
  • Are they getting up on the roof and in the roof spaces to check thoroughly for termites, chemical delignification, damage, defects or moisture ingress?
  • Have they provided you with a detailed report containing photos to look back on and analyse to assess and calculate potential associated costs for repair or replacement throughout the property?
  • Do they know what to look for? Termites, moisture, damage, structural concerns, safety hazards etc?
  • Do they know what constitutes a Major defect and a Minor defect?
  • Is it worth risking huge potential costs for the small monetary outlay of a building and pest inspection?
  • Are they inspecting as per the Australian Standards?
  • Is this their first building and pest inspection?

Realistically builders are often dealing with new builds. Do they know what to look for in an older home and how to tell the difference between termite damage, wood rot, borer damage, chemical delignification and water damage (and the rest)?
The long story short – Building and Pest Inspectors do a very different job to builders, and we have witnessed some incredibly questionable work completed by both.

We recommend choosing a highly experienced inspector, with the appropriate equipment and knowledge to conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with detailed reporting. If you truly want to grasp the difference in understanding we recommend having a conversation with both about what they are actually looking for when inspecting the home. Or ask to read an example report. Our reports are usually 40-60 pages long for a standard home and include photographic evidence, comments on defects, recommendations on rectifications, trades to engage, safety hazards, and annexures on the property. We also encourage you to attend inspections to allow a walk through of the defects, and provide comprehensive follow up.

“The real estate agent said we didn’t need it done”

We work regularly with real estate agents who value quality reporting and honesty with their clients. If a real estate agent ever says you don’t require a building and pest inspection or discourages you from getting an inspection done independently then that would surely raise alarm bells as to why. Most real estate agents regularly work alongside inspectors with the overall view of reaching a positive outcome for every client. To suggest that an inspection is not necessary would be extremely concerning.

We conduct inspections on properties from new construction to 100+ year old homes. It doesn’t matter the age of the property – What matters is the quality of the build and the maintenance the property has received. We’ve inspected multiple new constructions with a myriad of major and minor defects. It’s very uncommon for a property to have no defects at all, and in our experience there has only been a very small number of properties where we found few defects.

The cost of buying a property starts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and extends into the millions. Commission is in the tens of thousands of dollars. A building and pest inspection is on average around $500 for a small to medium house. For well under $1000 dollars you can receive a comprehensive building and pest inspection by a qualified, experienced inspector, and a highly detailed report containing photos, explanations and recommendations usually from 40-60 pages long to guide and inform you as you make a huge investment decision. At Informed Building Inspections we even guarantee you receive your report the same day. To us choosing to get a building and pest inspection done is the most simple and logical decision of all.

“There’s a report already done by the vendor and real estate that says there’s nothing wrong with it”

To this my response would be – research! Who conducted the inspection? Call them and speak to them and ask questions about the property. You will soon get a feel for whether it is worth getting your own inspection report done. Once again for anywhere around $500 you are ensuring an independent, neutral, unbiased inspection with a trustworthy inspector. If a report looks light on, it probably is. Most of our reports are between 40-60 pages and it is incredibly uncommon for properties to have no Major or Minor Defects. Give an independent inspector a call and ask them what their inspections involve to assist you in your decision making process.

We’ve had plenty of clients thinking properties were in really good condition and renovated to a high standard, which was absolutely not the case as discovered during their Building and Pest Inspection. Or clients who have sent through existing reports with minimal defects, who have then engaged us for an independent inspection and found a myriad of problems. The purpose of a Building and Pest Inspection Report is not to scare you, but instead to inform you on the current condition of the property during the pre-purchase phase, allowing you to calculate costs and make a calculated decision regarding your investment. We aim to provide the best communication to ensure you understand the report findings and rectifications required.

“I had a look around and couldn’t see anything”

Before getting into the industry and discussing building and pest inspections daily, I couldn’t see anything either. To watch Scott work is to realise that experience, knowledge and attention to detail are key. Walk throughs and follow up communication is also integral in ensuring you truly understand the property you are purchasing. I now drive past houses and identify defects based on having read hundreds of reports.

I would always still get a building and pest inspection completed when purchasing a new property, and recommend this to anyone I know who is looking to buy into the property market. You are paying for the building inspectors extensive knowledge, attention to detail and quality non-invasive equipment, as well as a report and follow up on questions. It is invaluable. What may look like no issues to us, could be a Major defect to them. That missing sealant can cause high moisture and water damage throughout the property. The roof trusses inside the roof space, or timbers around the property with termite damage may go unnoticed. Save yourself in the long term by investing in a quality report before diving into a property that is only going to give you headaches and drain your bank account well into the future.

“I don’t want to spend more money getting a building and pest inspection done”

Think of it as an investment into your future. If you are purchasing a property you are forking out hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Building and Pest Inspections cost from around mid $300 for a studio to mid $500-$600 for a standard 4 or 5 bed home. Larger homes or commercial properties you are looking at anywhere from $600 to just over $1000 for a day rate. In the large scheme of things this is not a huge expense.

You will receive a complete and thorough building and pest inspection, on site walk through to discuss findings after the inspection is completed, as well as same day comprehensive reporting. That alone is usually 40-60 pages long and contains photo evidence, comments and recommendations on defects, trades to engage, safety hazards, and annexures. You will then receive a follow up phone call to answer additional questions regarding defects and rectifications and are welcomed to ask further questions once you’ve moved into your new property. This information is invaluable when it comes to making an informed decision on the purchase of a property.

Knowledge is power. In the case of engaging a Building and Pest Inspector to complete a comprehensive building and pest inspection, that power may be the ability to pull out of a property that is going to cost more then expected in rectifications. In addition you may also find yourself in the position to negotiate on price or rectifications being completed (ensuring it is to a high standard) prior to sale. Knowing what rectifications need to be completed to protect your asset now and into the future is a smart investment.

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