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blue termite inspection and report

Why Get a Building and Pest Inspection?

blue termite inspection and report
Scott Nichols owner and operator of Informed Building Inspections on the Sunshine Coast providing high quality building and pest inspections

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Whether buying a new property, maintaining or selling your own home, a Building and Pest Inspection is essential to assist you in understanding the overall condition of the property.

Below is a list of real defect examples we have identified during inspections:

  • Active Termites found in decorative wood or building materials positioned next to houses or scattered throughout the yard
  • Undisclosed termite damage throughout properties. Sellers who have attempted to conceal known termite attacks or workings
  • No fall prevention on second story windows
  • High moisture readings in rooms, particularly those walls around older showers
  • Damage to cabinetry due to moisture penetration
  • Rotting wood to decks and extensive wood rot on fences
  • Loose wiring and railings on verandahs or stairs
  • Water leaks and damage to the sub floor of houses below wet areas requiring extensive repair
  • Improper installation of roofing materials
  • Rusting that requires immediate attention such as on structural posts or to roofing material
  • Sagging ceilings which was due to water ingress 
  • Uneven flooring that could signify structural movement
  • Drummy (loose) tiling that poses a safety hazard
  • Extensive structural cracking due to movement. Internal and external cracking to areas such as ceilings, plaster/walls, brickwork. This may indicate serious structural concerns that require investigation.
  • Storm and hail damage not rectified under insurance from previous owner
  • Conducive conditions for termites 
  • Termite barriers not fitted correctly or if installed, obscured
  • Properties with intentionally concealed dilapidation or defects

Major and Minor Defects

What does this mean?

Do You Need a Building and Pest Inspection?

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