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Stage And Handover Inspections

Building a new home on the Sunshine Coast, Gympie or Brisbane?

Move into your new home with complete confidence and peace of mind by ensuring your property has been finished to a high quality standard with our comprehensive Stage and  Handover Inspections.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance Stage Inspections

Completed at the 5 critical stages throughout the build ensuring quality workmanship, the build is to the plan and suitable materials are used. 

Comprehensive Handover Inspections

Handover Inspections include thorough walk throughs and dot outs of any unfinished works or defects which are documented in a report. Your report acts as the perfect checklist to communicate with your builder on rectifications required prior to completing payments or handing over the build.

 Same Day Reporting Available. Guaranteed Report Turn Around Within 24 Hours of Inspection

In the current challenging climate of construction we encourage both Handover and Stage Inspections to ensure no corners have been cut and construction is completed to a very high standard. Our inspections ensure your build is to the Australian Standards and meet the QBCC Standards and Tolerances.

Brick wall overhanging concrete slab identified during stage inspection

why get a handover inspection?

Handover or Practical Completion Inspections are conducted on newly constructed properties before final payments are made to ensure the new home is finished to an acceptable standard. These inspections take place before the new build is handed over to the owner to identify any defects and assess the workmanship completed by the builder and relevant trades. This provides the owners with a document containing photographic evidence and a summary or areas requiring additional work prior to handover of the keys. Your builder can then conduct their own rectifications and contact appropriate trades to touch up or resolve any defects identified. 
Informed Building Inspections will identify if there is any incomplete works, safety hazards, major defects or relevant minor defects as per the Australian Standards and QBCC Standards and Tolerances Guide. We will assess the quality of finishes throughout the building including the ceilings, walls, tiling and joinery. We will ensure that all taps, toilets and showers are working and without leaks. All areas should be completed to an acceptable standard, including the fit out of windows, doors and cabinetry. We support you as the owner in ensuring you are receiving a newly constructed building that you are completely satisfied with. 
Gaps to subfloor framing identified during handover inspection

why get stage inspections?

Having been popular in the Southern states for a while, Stage Inspections are now gaining common place in Queensland too.  Stage Inspections occur at the 5 critical stages of your build. The purpose is to ensure all work is completed to a high standard as per the Australian Standards and QBCC Standards and Tolerances Guide. These inspections also check that the correct materials are used, and construction plans are followed accurately and ensure the . At Informed Building Inspections we offer the following Stage Inspections: 

Stage 1 – Pre-Slab Concrete Pour Inspection

Stage 2 – Frame Inspection

Stage 3 – Lock Up/Pre-Plaster Inspection

Stage 4 – Fixing Stage/Waterproofing/Pre-Paint Inspection

Stage 5 – Handover Inspection/Practical Completion Inspection

We offer a package deal if you book in all 5 Stage Inspections or alternatively you can select the stages you would like completed. 
Our inspectors are highly experienced both as licensed builders as well as building inspectors. With experience employing and working with trades and planning and drawing up thousands of home designs, our owner and inspector Scott knows what it takes to ensure a quality build. 
Our team are here to guide you through the process and assist in protecting your asset from critical errors or defects along the way. Each stage offers comprehensive reporting allowing you to discuss all findings with your builder and ensure areas of concern and defects are rectified. This is particularly important before work is covered up and defects are hidden from the untrained eye. 
If you’d like to learn more about our handover inspections on the Sunshine Coast, then feel free to give us a call. You can also send a message via our website or complete a quote request form. We can send through package information detailing what each inspection entails to ensure you are informed on the process. When contacting Informed Building Inspections you will be speaking directly to our owners who are happy to answer all of your new construction and inspection questions.        

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our steps to arranging stage and handover inspections

5 easy steps for a Building and Pest Inspection


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At Informed Building Inspections, each inspection we complete provides you with a comprehensive report detailing the current condition of the property in relation to the inspection requirements. These include pre-purchase building and pest inspections, building inspections, pest inspections or handover inspection. Your report, depending on which type of report you choose, will inform you of any Safety Hazards, Major defects or relevant Minor defects that are discovered within the home and provide you with an insight into any additional focus areas for the future maintenance of your home.

Scott from Informed Building Inspections in front of a white house providing rapid inspection reports for building and pest inspections and same day reporting

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