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Concerned about timber pests and Termites?

We provide detailed reporting for all pest inspections on the Sunshine Coast. This includes the current condition of the property and any conducive conditions in relation to termite and timber pest concerns.

Non-invasive equipment and techniques

We use the latest non-invasive technology and equipment pest inspectors can use. This includes the Termatrac T3i All Sensor and Tramex Moisture Metre. We also have a Thermal Imaging Camera to thoroughly inspect the property for termite, timber pests and conducive conditions such as moisture. 

Inspections cover all accessible areas

We inspection all accessible internal and external areas of the property and yard space. We thoroughly inspect wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and inspect areas with water leaks and high moisture for evidence of termites or workings.

Inspect for timber pests, termites and conducive conditions

During inspections we look for timber pests such as termites, woodrot, borers and chemical delignification. We also identify conducive conditions such as moisture which timber pests are attracted to. 

Same Day Reporting Available. Guaranteed Report Turn Around Within 24 Hours of Inspection

We document all findings and provide a comprehensive report detailing all findings within 24 hours of your inspection. Same Day Reporting is also available on request.

Termite Informed Building Inspections
Termites Informed Building Inspections
blue termite inspection and report
Stress Less sign with termite workings picked up during our building and pest inspection
4 Types of Timber Pests we Detect when conducting a Building and Pest Inspection

why get a pest inspection?

Are you concerned about termites, borers or wood rot that might be causing damage to your property? Are you purchasing a property and have heard whispers of termites being active in the area? Are you looking to purchase a home on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or Gympie? Have you got timber that is deteriorating and unsure why? Do you know if the property has a termite barrier in place and whether it has been maintained or not?


We aim to help you answer all of these questions when conducting a pest inspection on the Sunshine Coast. Not only are we investigating for any current timber pest activity, we are also reporting on how you can help prevent any future timber pest attacks.


Our pest inspections identify areas that need to be rectified to ensure the future integrity of the home. This can include identifying current termite protection and management system installation, identification of any live termites, evidence of termite workings, or any areas with conducive conditions that may result in future termite infestation and nesting. We pay particular attention to wet areas, areas of high moisture, or water leaks, as these often present as the most inviting areas for termites to make themselves at home. You can be sure when using Informed Building Inspections, you are receiving the most thorough report with the best quality in care and service to protect your home.

We provide detailed reporting identifying all termite and timber pest related defects within the property, conducive conditions, and identify whether protection is in place and up to warranty or needs to be installed. Our Pest Inspection reports include thorough overviews of the findings as well as photos with annexures containing comments and recommendations for further investigation. 

If you worried about your home or you are purchasing a new home in Noosa, Buderim, Caloundra or anywhere else on the coast, simply contact us to book your pest inspection.  

Termite Informed Building Inspections
Termites Informed Building Inspections
Termite Informed Building Inspections

Live Termites

Live Termites in subfloor of home
Live Termites detected during building and pest inspection on the Sunshine Coast
Active termites identified in old stumps

Termite Workings

Termite workings to stairs
Termite Damage to walls of home
Active termites hidden in decorative stump positioned directly next to the house. Recommend removing all stumps from yard space
Termite workings discovered in garage during a Sunshine Coast building and pest inspection

Wood Rot

Wood rot due to water ingress
Wood rot to external timber post
Extensive wood rot to timber balcony post
Wood Rot to timber trim on window

wood borers

chemical delignification

Chemical Delignification is a breakdown in the lignen in the structure of the wood due to a chemical reaction.
Chemical Delignification is a breakdown in the lignen in the structure of the wood due to a chemical reaction.
Chemical Delignification is a breakdown in the lignen in the structure of the wood due to a chemical reaction.
Chemical Delignification is a breakdown in the lignen in the structure of the wood due to a chemical reaction.
Chemical Delignification is a breakdown in the lignen in the structure of the wood due to a chemical reaction.


Trusted advice that comes from quality equipment and experience

We complete each Building and Pest Inspection using the most accurate and non-invasive equipment and techniques to ensure that you can purchase your property with confidence. One piece of equipment we carry is the Termatrac T3i All Sensor which uses radar, moisture or thermal detection. The unique 3-in-1 design incorporates Termatrac’s patented radar technology, relative and direct moisture sensor as well as a thermal sensor for extra confidence. The T3i All Sensor was designed to help operators locate, confirm and track the presence and extent of termite and other pest activity. We use this equipment throughout the property to inspect accessible areas such as walls, floors, and ceilings for timber pests, leaks or potential excess and unexplained moisture.

The Tramex Moisture Meter provides an instant and accurate moisture reading to surfaces such as cabinetry, drywall, plaster and masonry. This non-invasive equipment provides a detailed understanding of any surfaces within the property that require further investigation. If a high moisture reading is identified your inspection report will detail the pin point location/s where high moisture has been observed and recommend appropriate trades. 

Our Thermal Imaging Camera is the perfect tool for identifying where water leaks are occurring and what may be causing the water ingress. This powerful device converts thermal imaging into a picture.

These pieces of equipment act as an important tool to assist in the understanding of what is occurring beyond what is obvious to the naked eye. Scott is highly trained and has extensive experience in using all equipment detailed above. If you have particular areas of concern please contact us to arrange an inspection. 


our process to arranging a pest inspection

5 easy steps for a Building and Pest Inspection
blue termite inspection and report

Make an informed choice

At Informed Building Inspections, each inspection we complete provides you with a comprehensive report detailing the current condition of the property in relation to the inspection requirements. These include building and pest inspections, building inspections, pest inspections or handover reports. Your report, depending on which type of report you choose, will inform you of any Safety Hazards, Major defects or relevant Minor defects that are discovered within the home and provide you with an insight into any additional focus areas for the future maintenance of your home.

Scott from Informed Building Inspections in front of a white house providing rapid inspection reports for building and pest inspections and same day reporting

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Associations and affiliations

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