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blue termite inspection and report

Quality Building and Pest Inspection: Communication is Key

blue termite inspection and report
Informed Building Inspections uses the Termatrac T3i All Sensor to complete Building and Pest Inspections on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gympie

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Informed Building Inspections was started with a vision to create a Building and Pest Inspection company who valued providing a quality experience for buyers when navigating the process of purchasing a new property. What we have discovered along the way is that we value ensuring a positive experience for our clients and creating transparency with real estates and vendors as well. Often Building and Pest Inspection reports can be seen as a reason to tear up contracts. We get that, and agree that at times properties are not quite what you thought they initially were; however sometimes simply being on site and having your questions answered puts minds at ease and allows clients to go and do their homework as to whether to proceed or not. At Informed Building Inspections we aim to remove the stress of a nasty surprise and approach the building defect with clear and effective communication for all involved.

Many of the real estate agents selling properties we have inspected appreciate the value of clear and effective communication with sellers and buyers alike. If we identify major defects or safety hazards it doesn’t mean the contract needs to be ripped up. It is not uncommon to see such defects on a property, and it would be a surprise for a property to not have any major defects. Many of these are easily rectified. For example missing sealant in a bathroom or kitchen. We recently inspected a property where this was identified in a mouldy, water damaged wall in close proximity to the bathroom. After an invasive investigation it was evident that the lack of sealant was the cause of this. Our recommendation was to ensure the sealant was fixed and the areas of mould removed and treated professionally. Missing sealant is listed as a major defect for this exact reason – it can cause bigger concerns in your home if left unattended.

We find effective communication with our clients means they can realistically look at and analyse the information we have provided them, source quotes for repairs or negotiate accordingly to ensure a positive outcome for all. We don’t intend to be the “bad guys” in the process of conducting building and pest inspections for anyone, but aim to ensure our clients are informed before committing to the purchase of their new property.

At Informed Building Inspections we conduct building and pest inspections for pre-purchase, pre-sale, and new construction as well as special purpose inspections where damage or concerns are isolated to one area of the property. Whether buying an apartment, a house, an investment, acreage, luxury property, or commercial property, it is essential to get a quality building and pest inspection to ensure you aren’t walking into a purchase blindly.

Scott from Informed Building Inspections performs quality building and pest inspections
Scott from Informed Building Inspections.
We value communication and ensuring our clients are informed on their new properties.

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